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Caimsec Locksmiths Nottingham are dedicated to serving our local community of Nottingham and surrounding areas. We are a small local team of locksmith Nottingham operatives as listed in the local Nottingham directory, specialising first off, in emergency non destructive entry techniques, where we will attend to your local locks in Nottingham, in most cases, with a rapid response locksmith Nottingham service of 30 minutes or less. Regardless of what day or time it is, Caimsec Locksmiths Nottingham provide a 24 hour fast, efficient and discreet locksmith Nottingham service. Unlike other locksmiths in Nottingham, when you call Caimsec Locksmiths Nottingham, you will be speaking directly with one of our locksmith Nottingham operatives and not a call centre. Most of the time, we will be in a position to perform telephone diagnostics and thus, we will be able to offer you accurate prices and response times. Caimsec Locksmiths Nottingham offer 12 months warranty on parts and labour and we will NEVER inflate prices on site!!

Locks Installed to Insurance Standards in Nottingham

Locks that conform to BSI standards, will display the BSI kitemark. The standard for the domestic family home is BS3621 for mortice locks and BSI TS007:2012 for euro cylinders, found on uPVC & Composite doors. It is a requirement for home insurance that all doors and windows are fitted with approved locks. 

Smart Locking Solutions

Smart locks enable you to control your front door with key tag, keypad and even your mobile phone. Caimsec Locksmiths Nottingham supply and install a range of smart locking solutions to suit your requirements. The smart lock on your door can be unlocked via a smartphone, key tag or keypad. One time codes can even be sent to friends.

uPVC Door repairs in Nottingham

uPVC and composite doors are now trhe most common type of front door in the UK. Caimsec Locksmiths Nottingham have a small team of local locksmith Nottingham operatives, that will service and repair all makes and models of uPVC & Composite door multi-pont locking mechanisms. uPVC doors typically comprise of multi-point locking mechanisms, with three or more locking points that span the entire height of the door.  The multi-point locking mechanisms on most uPVC and composite doors will be operated by lift lever handles and a euro profile cylinder, which could either operate a key both sides, or a thumb turn on the inside of the door. Newer and more high-end composite doors may house automatic multi-point locking mechanisms without lift lever handles. Rarely do these types of locks fail without one or more of the following warning signs: sagging of the handles; crunchy feel when opening or locking the door; noticeable door drop and difficulties with key or thumbturn operation. Our Nottingham customers are encouraged to call us or send us a message on our contact page imminently, should they see any of these things happening to their doors. Caimsec Locksmiths Nottingham supply 12 months warranty on parts & labour.